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Shankar Shrestha

Shankar Shrestha

Managing Director ( Ohayou Int. Consultancy )


Let me begin my immense pleasure and heartfelt greetings to welcome all the students who are dreaming for advanced academic journey in Japan. I take this opportunity to welcome all those who dare to dream for abroad study. Throughout this wonderful journey ‘Ohayou Int’l Consultancy’ has been able to establish as one of the best consultancy in Kathmandu Nepal. We aim to provide finest counseling and support to the students.

Every student deserves the best start in their life and what will be fruitful for their future, thus we strive hard to train students by empowering their skills,interest,talents for their upcoming career.

I would like to welcome to explore you at Ohayou Int’l Consultancy with adequate facilities and modern infrastructure.


私たちの目的は、学生に最高のカウンセリングやサポートを提供する事です。私たちは、学生に勉強させ、自分のキャリアや興味や才能に力を与えます。私たちは十分と近代的な設備で皆様Ohayou  Int’l  Consultancy に歓迎します。

Binu Koirala

Binu Koirala


I have stayed more than a decade in the Japan. Japan is one of the most developed country in terms of economic development and industrial development with high developed technology. I would like to recommend all students to study the Japanese Language, who want to study in Japan. Because language is the medium of communication ,thus without well language students have to face lots of problems in the Japan. First you should make your language perfect and move in Japan for further education. Which helps you to enhanced yourself to settle in the foreign country and you can enjoy yourself. So let’s join the Ohayou Int’l Consultancy, where we teach entire systems of Japan, that how should you stay over there. 

こんにちは、 私は、12年間日本にいました。日本はとても素晴らしい国です。自然にも経済にも他の国に負けません。春に桜、夏に花火、秋に紅葉と冬に雪を見ると天国です。私は日本が好きです。 皆様、この素敵な国を旅しましょう。勉強にもこの国は最高です。新しい国の研究しに冒険しましょう。 日本語を勉強、文化、習慣を学ぶ機会を皆さんに私たちが与えます。まず、日本語を勉強して下さい。言葉がわからないと日本の生活は難しいです。言葉を分かれば生活は楽しいです。どこ行っても言葉が必要です。違反も絶対しないで下さい。今から日本語を勉強、規則を守って下さ__


I really like the support given by the consultancy which help me to further move in life achieving tons of success

Ram Prasad Ghimire

I am not regretting trusting this awesome consultancy which ultimately helped me to go to my dream country

Sonu Chhetri