Study In Australia

The education system in Australia basically consist of Academic and vocational route. And each system of education is systematically well connected pathway to each other. The education in Australia is based on quality and recognized as prestigious degree worldwide. The current regulation of Australia for study aspirants is based on (Genuine Temporary Entrant) GTE. Students who have got the admission into Streamline visa processing providers on eligible courses will get low risk on their visa assessment regardless of their country of origin. The current government policy has assured the international students that will get the learning opportunity not only in the university framework but also in real ground in Australia by the means of Post Study Work (PSW). Still the Human resource is not sufficient for the economy of the Australia, so they are welcoming large no of migrants. Australia in conclusion can be said as the best place to study for the students who can satisfy the GTE requirement.



1. Jemes cook University

 2. Charles Sturt University

 3. James Cook University

4. Federation University (ATMC)

5. Charles Darwin University ATMC-Melbourne

6. University of Sunshine Coast-ATMC

7. University of Tasmania

8. Le Cordon Bleu

9. Melbourne Institute of Technology

10. MIT (Federation University)

11. Latrobe University-Sydney Campus UG&PG Course

12. Curtin College leading to Curtin University

13. Eynesbury leading to University of Adelaide

14. La Trobe Melbourne leading to LTU

15. New Castle International college leading to University of New Castle

16. PIBT leading to Edith Cowan University

17. SAIBT Leading to UNISA

18. QIBT leading to Griffith University

19. SIBT leading to Macquarie University

20. The Cantillon Institute

21. APIC College

22. Zenith Business Academy

23. Sarina Russo

24. UIL English

25. St Peters Institute

26. ALTEC College

27. Stratfield College

28. Cambridge International College

29. Martin College (Study Group)

30. ANU College (Study Group)

31. Macquarie University City Campus

32. Macquarie University Main Campus

33. RMIT University

34. Swinburne University of Technology

35. The University of Melbourne

36. The University of New South wales

37.  The University of Queensland

38. The University of Sydney

39. The University of Western Australia

40. The University of Adelaide Australia

41. Monash University

42. Australian National University

43. Federation University

44. Australian Catholic University

45. Blue Mountains International Hotel

46. Charles Sturt University (Main Campus)

47. Central Queensland University

48. Deakin University

49. Edith Cowan University

50. Griffith University

51. Chisholm Institute

52. Holmes Institute

53. University Technology Sydney

54. University of Western Sydney

55. Victoria University Melbourne

56. Bond University

57. Curtin University of Technology

58. Flinders University-Adelaide-Degree masters courses

59. Murdoch University

60. Queensland University of Technology

61. Southern Cross University

62. The University of Newcastle

63. The University of Notre Dame

64. University of Canberra

65. University of New England

66. University of South

 67. University of Southern Queensland

68. University of Sunshine Coast

69. University of Wollongong