Nepal has sent students to Japan for study over the past hundred years. After a long gap, regular dispatches of Nepalese students to Japan under the Monbusho scholarship resumed as soon as diplomatic relations between Japan and Nepal were established in 1956. The number of Nepalese students studying in Japan has continuously increased since then.

As far as the interest of Nepalese students regarding the abroad study in Japan is one of the best education destinations and priorities. Students are highly encouraged to go to Japan for further study and their future careers to build their careers with lots of opportunities, career development, and building.

It is hoped that many more accomplishments will be achieved in the following years, and the number of Nepali students studying in Japan will continue to rise. In general, many Nepalese are fascinated by Japan’s modernization experience and its sophisticated science and technology. As a result, most students who travel to Japan are interested in those fields. At the moment, there is a heightened interest in Japan’s socioeconomic activities in Nepal, and Nepali students are passionate about studying in Japan and keen to put new ideas into practice.

The Ohayou International Consultancy is one of the top partners, and supporters students may turn to for advice.

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    Japan’s population is among the most educated and competent in the world. This is one of the main reasons behind the country’s postwar solid economic expansion.

    From kindergarten to university, there are both private and state schools. Public schools provide minimal tuition and are a popular option for compulsory education up to the lower secondary levels (junior high school). A private school might be an investment for the intense competition for university admissions starting in upper secondary education. Your university degree is inextricably tied to job chances.

    While more colleges are beginning to offer English-language programs and courses, the Japanese language remains vital in all parts of life, from social integration to cultural assimilation to academic and professional contact.

    Japanese language schools are crucial in culturally and socially preparing foreigners to operate in Japanese society, pursue higher education, and engage in labor.

    The Japanese language is the key to getting around Japan, whether you want to study, work, or make the most of your time there. As a result, most students begin their Japanese studies in a language school.

    If you visit Japan without learning Japanese, you will be inconvenienced and will miss out on genuine involvement and experience. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: at Ohayou International Consultancy, you can enroll in a short-term language course or a long-term program.

    Higher education institutions must perform more crucial roles in the knowledge-based society and continuous globalization.
    Japanese higher education has been highly valued in such circumstances.

    A well-balanced collaboration with the establishment approval system and the quality assurance and accreditation system, both of which are continually assessed for efficiency, has supported excellent and diverse teaching and research activities.

    Academic freedom has been maintained in Japan, as stipulated by the Japanese Constitution, which states that every citizen has the right to equal opportunity to acquire education in compliance with applicable laws and according to their aptitude.

    It’s also worth noting that the Fundamental Law of Education states that higher education institutions’ independence, autonomy, and merits in education and research must be protected. The notion of self-governance has been confirmed by a judgment of the Japanese Supreme Court.

    Japanese Language School enrolled 4 session in a year for the language class and they are

    – April (2 years)

    – July (1 year 9 months)

    -October (1 year 6 months)

    – January (1 year 3 months)

     Non- Refundable             After COE/Visa

    • Application fee               – Tuition fee
    • Documentation              – Hostel fee/room fee
    • Travel Cheque
    • Tickets
    1. Admission Certificate
    2. Resume, SOP (Application Form)
    3. Last Year Transcript
    4. Last Year Character Certificate
    5. Verification Of College
    6. NAT/JLPT/JLCT (Certificate, Marksheet and Admit Card)
    7. Late/Early
    8. Late graduation
    9. Sponser (Written Page, Pledge/Oath)
    10. Municipality
      – Birth Certificate
      – Relationship Certificate
      – Income Certificate
      – Tax Certificate
      – Occupation Certificate
      – Fiscal Year Verification
      – Certificate Of Explanation
      – Address Verification
    11. Bank Transaction
    12. Bank Balance Certificate
    13. Current Address Verification
    14. Learning Certificate
    15. Photograph
    16. Fukuoka, Osaka
    17. Translation Of All Documents
    • If you choose to study in Japan, you should be aware that the education system in this nation is well regarded. You can spend your summer at Seisen University in Tokyo or in Kyoto, which is home to one of Japan's largest institutions.

    • There are a variety of scholarships available in Japan that allow you to study for free. Before flying to Japan, undergraduates can apply for a Japanese government scholarship or one of the nine external funding alternatives offered. Master's and doctoral students can also apply for further scholarships.

    • JICE by Gores Academy
    • JSL Okinawa
    • Sagami International Academy
    • JEC Engineering College 
    • Tokyo world Japanese Language School
    • Alchi Kotonoha Academy
    • Yokohama International Education Academy
    • Kobe Nicihgo Language Academy
    • ACC Japanese Language School
    • Osaka International Language Institute
    • One Purpose International Academy
    • Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute
    • Kyushu Foreign Language Academy
    • Mirait Japanese Academy
    • Mt. Fuji Japanese Langauge School
    • Asain Academy
    • Asain Japanese Language School
    • Asean Language Academy
    • Toyohashi Japanese Language School
    • Japan International Language Academy
    • Osaka Japanese Language School
    • Human Academy Japanese Language School
    • SBC Himeji Language Academy
    • Osaka Frontier Japanese Language School
    • Fukui Language Academy