Message From Us

‘Ohayou’ in Japanese simply means ‘Namaste’. We extend our warm greeting to all the students and schools visiting this website. We are very proud that within a short span of time, Ohayou consultancy has emerged to be the best and the most trusted education consultancy in Nepal.

Apart from helping students through application procedures, our mission at Ohayou is twofold:

Firstly, we help kick start careers of our students based on their educational background, interest and skill sets through proper career counseling and guidance.

Secondly, because we want our students to be able to join the best schools, we are constantly building our alliances with only the leading schools in Japan.

Ohayou has created a platform for students to develop their skills and transform their ideas into reality, always keeping our objective in mind.

If you are a student interested in studying overseas or a school interested in collaborating with us, please contact us at or call 01-4810935.

Our Core Values

Six basic business values shape our workplace culture and character, driving our decisions and how we serve our students and colleagues:

INTEGRITY  Know and do what is right.

RESPECT  Treating others the way you want to be treated.

RESPONSIBILITY  Embrace opportunities to contribute.

SPORTSMANSHIP Bring your best to all competitions.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP Serves the common good.

Our Mission

  • To give students comprehensive information and resources to aid in their study in Japan plans.
  • Our team members have maintained ethical practices in a highly competitive surrounding, providing professional values for all students and educational institutions.
  • Provide services that go above and beyond expectations. 
  • To work together and be more diverse, driven, and disciplined in our ethical behavior.

Our Vision

  • To assist students in enhancing their educational processes and performance following their goals
  • To provide exceptional quality education and value to our students

Message From Us

Shankar Shrestha

Managing Director

Let me begin with my immense pleasure and heartfelt greetings to welcome all the students dreaming of an advanced academic journey in Japan. I take this opportunity to include all those who dare to dream of abroad study. Throughout this beautiful journey, ‘Ohayou International Consultancy’ has been established as one of the best consultancies in Kathmandu, Nepal. We aim to provide the finest counseling and support to the students.

Every student deserves the best start in their life and what will be fruitful for their future; thus, we strive hard to train students by empowering their skills, interests, talents for their upcoming careers.

I want to welcome you to explore Ohayou Int’l Consultancy with adequate facilities and modern infrastructure.


私たちの目的は、学生に最高のカウンセリングやサポートを提供する事です。私たちは、学生に勉強させ、自分のキャリアや興味や才能に力を与えます。私たちは十分と近代的な設備で皆様Ohayou Int’l Consultancy に歓迎します。

Atul Gurung


I have stayed more than a decade in Japan. Japan is one of the most developed countries in economic development and industrial development with highly developed technology. I want to recommend all students to study the Japanese Language who wish to study in Japan. Because language is the medium of communication, thus without a good language, students have to face lots of problems in Japan. First, you should make your language perfect and move to Japan for further education. This helps you to enhance yourself to settle in a foreign country, and you can enjoy yourself. So let’s join the Ohayou Int’l Consultancy, where we teach entire systems of Japan, how should you stay over there.

こんにちは、 私は、12年間日本にいました。日本はとても素晴らしい国です。自然にも経済にも他の国に負けません。春に桜、夏に花火、秋に紅葉と冬に雪を見ると天国です。私は日本が好きです。 皆様、この素敵な国を旅しましょう。勉強にもこの国は最高です。新しい国の研究しに冒険しましょう。 日本語を勉強、文化、習慣を学ぶ機会を皆さんに私たちが与えます。まず、日本語を勉強して下さい。言葉がわからないと日本の生活は難しいです。言葉を分かれば生活は楽しいです。どこ行っても言葉が必要です。違反も絶対しないで下さい。今から日本語を勉強、規則を守って下さ__

Happy Students

Riya Giri


My entire experience with the consultancy was fantastic, thanks mainly to the staff, who were always willing to assist me. The consultancy team helped me throughout the whole process, from choosing the university to booking accommodations. I'm delighted I found out about the consultants because it has enabled me to move a step closer to realizing my dream.

Kabin Shrestha


I'm delighted I had the chance to meet the entire Ohayou International Consultancy team! They are absolutely beautiful people who do an excellent job supporting individuals interested in studying in Japan. They informed me of everything ahead of time and ensured that everything was completed on time. If I hadn't gone to Ohayou, my visa application would not have gone as well. I'm pleased with the level of service they provide. I strongly advise students wishing to study in Japan to contact Ohayou International Consultancy.

Rabin Sintan


The entire procedure was made relatively simple by the team. The atmosphere is quite friendly, and everyone is accommodating and cooperative. I am grateful to the Ohayou Team for acknowledging my goal.

Indralal Gautam


Rather, the top Consultancy with the highest level of expertise. My experience with Ohayou was fantastic; because of Ohayou, I was enrolled to the university of my choice. From the beginning stage of choosing a good location, to shortlisting colleges and submitting your Visa application, to settling in peacefully! Ohayou is always by your side. Furthermore, the Ohayou team treats you as if you were one of their own. The staff is fantastic; they treat you with dignity and warmth.

Sujata Gurung

Makawanpur, Nepal

Ohayou International Consultancy offers a full range of services, including counseling, exam preparation, and visa application. Their personnel has a lot of experience and is quite friendly. Without their dedicated assistance, my application procedure would have been exceedingly difficult. I would strongly advise them to any student interested in pursuing their degree abroad.

Ranjima Shahi

Makawanpur, Nepal

I've always wanted to study Japan and travel across the country. However, I had no idea where to begin with. I found Ohayou International Consultancy, and they were pretty helpful. Ohayou took care of from language class to university shortlisting, Visa, and a travel card. The staff is accommodating and generous, and they are available throughout the process. Ohayou is the perfect place to begin your international career.

Ranjana Khadka

Makawanpur, Nepal

I wanted to study in Japan to offer my career and progress a worldwide focus. I chose Ohayou International Consultancy, and they have been quite helpful in many ways. Overall, working with the Ohayou team was a fantastic experience.

Amrita Shrestha

Bara, Nepal

My journey with Ohayou International Consultancy began with a counseling session. Today, after a fantastic experience, support, and assistance, I can attend one of the most prestigious institutions in my field. All thanks to the Ohayou team for their unwavering support. Thank you for consistently responding to my concerns and thoroughly fixing my issues. Anyone interested in furthering their studies in Japan should contact Ohayou International Consultancy.

Sunil Pokharel

Chitwan, Nepal

Ohayou International Consultancy was a fantastic experience for me. They were helpful and kind, providing me with the necessary information and guiding me through the entire procedure. Their team did everything precisely and without any worries, from my applications to my visa. They offer fantastic service. Thank you very much, Ohayou team.

Sajana Giri

Makawanpur, Nepal

With the Ohayou team, I had a very encouraging, supporting, and useful experience. Ohayou was helpful and reachable from when I submitted my application until my visa was approved. This is the primary reason I have suggested Ohayou International Consultancy to my friends. I sincerely hope you will continue to provide this excellent service.

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