Preparation Classes


The “Japan International Human Capital Development Organization” administers the J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language), a Japanese language competency test. This test is widely accepted and highly regarded as a benchmark for Japanese language ability. Since Japan has become the most excellent destination of Nepalese, there’s tough competition between the candidates. Therefore, to become successful, simply being good and better is not going to do. Keeping this fact in mind, we have designed course content to become the winners from every possible aspect.


The JLPT (Japanese-Language Competency Test) is a standardized criterion-referenced test that assesses and certifies non-native speakers’ Japanese language proficiency. It covers language knowledge, reading skills, and listening ability. [1] In Japan and a few other nations, the test is held twice a year (on the first Sunday of July and December) and once a year in different locations (on the first Sunday of December).


TOP-J is a six-times-a-year Japanese language exam held in eight countries and areas. Moreover, it has three levels and can assess language ability higher than the JLPT.

TOP-J’s strength is that it is offered numerous times throughout the year, allowing you to take the test whenever convenient for you. Another feature is that it puts your language skills to the test in real-life circumstances, as well as your understanding of Japanese culture and current events.


The Japanese Language NAT-TEST is a test that assesses pupils’ capacity to communicate in Japanese when they are not native speakers. The tests are divided into five difficulty levels, and general aptitude is tested in three areas: grammar/vocabulary, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension. Moreover, he exam pattern and types of questions are the same as those found on the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Skill Test – JFT 

The possibility of being selected first depends on one’s performance on the skill test. In the present system, everyone who passes the exam has to undergo a skill test. Those who take skill test preparation or training classes will be selected first increase tremendously. The JFT-Basic test assesses the Japanese language communication skills necessary for everyday life in Japan. Moreover, it is used to determine whether individuals have sufficient Japanese language ability to engage in everyday conversation and manage their daily lives without difficulty.

Keeping this key fact in mind, we have been running skill test classes, which our past students have found efficient. We have every required material, subject expert, and environment.

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